Saturday, July 30, 2011


     In the midst of updating my blog I deleted everything. Oh well, that's alright. I'd like to focus less on everything else and a little more on me. Maybe then I'll have more to say. Lots to do today, feeling a little overwhelmed. Very frustrated. Probably PMS. Luckily, Adrian is a really big help on days like today. He doesn't mind picking up some of the slack ( Aka washing diapers <3 ). It just feels like I'm going non-stop lately. I wanted to go out for dinner because I've been craving these lettuce wraps that they have at Cactus Club, but Adriano works till 9 tonight so we're hoping to go next Saturday if my dad will baby sit.  It's going to be a busy week. We're having staff over for dinner tomorrow and I'm throwing a baby shower for a friend on Wednesday. This disaster of a house needs-to-get-clean. I wish it would do it on it's own! Wouldn't that be nice...

     It'll be nice to go for a walk when Nina wakes up so I can clear my head. I guess instead of being here I should utilize my baby free time for important things... you know, like showering.

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  1. Shower Smower;p

    I didn't know cactus Club had lettuce wraps...I love those little buggers!