Thursday, July 28, 2011


Nothing at all. Been going to the gym, staying in my calorie range, not really any news to report. No progress made, no new recipes, just chug chug chuggin along. I'm back down to 173 after a 2lb gain and loss. No more cheating days for me. One day just derails the whole train. Not beating myself up about it though Still working on  the c25k, though since I diidn't go to the gym for a few days today it felt so much harder then I remember. I did it though, thats whats important. OH~!

I ordered a new book from Amazon today, Hungry Girl, 300 under 300: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner under 300 calories.  So looking forward to that. Tomorrows Friday so if I'm up early enough I can go to the gym. ( daycare closes at noon) if not then I hope it's nice so we can at least go for a walk. I feel like I'm working out more but burning less calories so I need to step it up. Yesss. Wai up.


  1. I love the HG newsletter, but I can only make the recipes that do not call for all kinds of strange "no-cal almost like the real deal substitute thingy" ingredients. I'd love to know whether I could still use the cookbooks - would you be so kind to review it once it arrives? ^^

  2. I didn't know there was a newsletter! I am going to sub to it riiight now. Definitely will review the cook book. =D