Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm a weekend slacker...

     What is it about weekends? I just completely fall off the radar. Well, I've been sticking to my calories at least. I snuck a peek at the scale the other day and didn't like what I saw so it's GONE. No more weigh-ins until the end of July.

     I bought 2 "new" veggies to try this week. A leek, and a spaghetti squash so I've been on the hunt for good recipes. Feel free to share if you have any, if not, then I'll share mine when I find a good one. Back to the shred and walking tomorrow. On weekends it's the drinking, bbqing, eating, it gets me all out of my vibe I have going so well all week. I guess it has to stop :( boo. Nothing better then drinks & bbq imo lol. Other then that, no news here.

     Nina started swim lessons today, I wore my HRM but I only burned 100 calories so I duno if anything was actually burned or if that was just regular day to day stuff so I didn't record it at all. By the time we got home I was just too tired for a shred or walk. Speaking of walks, on the way to the pool I walked through a field which was NOT a good idea. The misquitos are completely nuts this year!! Wow! Won't be making that mistake again that is FOR SURE.

     Awe cutie baby. Well, off to plan my meals for tomorrow and then sleep. I am POOPED.

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  1. Aww I love her bathing suit, so sweet!

    I just laugh now when I look at the scale.
    I have muscles, real biceps and tummy definition and my legs are AWESOME from running and yet..the scale doesn't budge.220lb Baby!

    Putting yours away is probably a good thing. I think I read somewhere that being too concerned about that number is counter productive.

    Happy Living! I hope you can avoid the bugs. You should see my legs...I look like I have the pox or something..