Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep on, Keepin on!

     You all ( all 3 of my faithful followers that is) may have noticed I added a new NSV to my list. Not wearing maternity pants! Can you believe I still wear them? Regularly? They're my favorite jeans. I just don't feel good in my other ones... so maybe after a few more pounds I'll be able to get rid of these bad boys and wear some normal friggin pants. My baby is over a year's time for them to go! I have been doing so well the last few days, I'm so happy for myself. No more overwhelming feelings like it's too much or too hard. I just keep thinking oh wow, i'm doing so great. In a non-self important way that is lol.

     I do wonder though if this is how it's going to be forever. If I'm going to spend every waking moment thinking about what i can eat, what im going to eat, logging what i'm eating tomorrow, or calories in, how many im burning, how much did i work out it going to be this forever or will it soon become second nature? Who knows.

     Not that I'm complaining because I do enjoy it and I am definitely falling back in love with life again. I just have a real "I'm not letting anything get in my way this time" attitude. That I feel like I'm not making a change, I've already changed and I'm waiting for my body to catch up. Slow poke.

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  1. It takes a whole lot of time to get used to "normal" and healthy eating. Only last week I spotted myself obsessing about the upcoming week (with 5 events in 8 days, starting yesterday - and yes, I know that is not really a week) and the impact this may have on my food choices (a fair, pizza at a friend's birthday, movie nights with lots of treats and the occasional beer, a concert about 200km away from home). I laughed at myself and decided to cross each of these bridges when I come to it... now I only have to make time for exercise in my schedule!