Monday, May 28, 2012

I love summer!

     Maybe a little bit of nice weather is what the dr ordered to break my plateau. Can I even call it that? It's been so long. I'm not seeing 162 any more, which is great but every time the scale doesn't go down I get nervous. I really need to get over that, but after such a LONG plateau it's really still bothering me. I am making progress though and it is over so I just need to move on.  I need to quit talking about it, and soon enough I will quit thinking about it.

     There is just something about the nice weather that makes me want to get up and MOVE! I dont want to sit inside on the couch all day. It never bothered me before but now I just want to be in the sun, I want to be moving. I'm glad I can get back to walking and maybe I'll get the guts to jog in public, but... I'm scared. Which is stupid really, because I run at the gym and that is just as public as the street and not nearly as much fun as the trails I have access too. I even bought a pink and white soccer ball Nina is having a good time kicking around. I'm glad she's such an active baby. I hope she doesn't grow out of that.

     The very best part of summer is DEFINITELY the bbqs! I love bbqing every day when I can, and using my crock pot on days that I cant because cooking on the stove is just too much heat!  If there is one thing I love it's trying new recipes. I'm not much of a cook myself, but I can follow a recipe pretty good. I will definitely start sharing great ones that I find. Tonight I'm trying ( surprise!) Skinny Taste's Buffalo Turkey Burger. I'll be having the slaw but with regular ranch dressing and not the blue cheese. Not because I have anything against blue cheese (her blue cheese buffalo chicken dip is seriously AMAZING!) but because I don't have any.

     Any body have any other food blogs or cookbooks that are worth sharing? I'm going to be looking around this afternoon but I love any one elses suggestions and reviews! I'll also try posting more photos, not only of myself but of FOOD. I love food, and I'm glad we're working on our problems and moving towards a healthy relationship.


  1. Summer is the BEST. I'm going to get off the bus halfway home today and walk the rest of the way... according to walkjogrun it's just over 4KM. It's a start! (I *never* exercise, it's horrible) My best friend has offered to start training with me but... I'm terrified to run in public, plus I'm superduper asthmatic and might die. Ha.

    I think there's a different mentality about gyms, too... less self-consciousness involved because everyone there is sweating away.

    Those buffalo turkey burgers look delicious. I'm positive I have ground turkey in my freezer somewhere, I might need to improvise some later this week.

    OH. I'm going to look up nutrition facts for ground alpaca for you -- I haven't eaten ground beef in years because we get the alpaca free from my MIL, it's really low-fat and very flavourful.

  2. Jelly! I wish I had some one to walk or jog with lol. Bt I like going on really long walks and I don't know any one else who wants to go with...besides Nina that is.

  3. Hey now I will come with you!!!