Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 am, and it's no good.

My day, this far anyways. I was hoping to sleep in but with a two year old that's nearly impossible. I woke up feeling like crap' and it's raining. Went through the morning routine in the bathroom (more on that later) and finally put on pants and got the baby downstairs, with out falling down them for the 10000th time. I still felt like crap so I gave mini Satan fruit while I satin the couch watching toopy and binoo which for some reason is toopy and puppy to her. I think it's a cat which is weird because she calls everything cats except the cat, that's a puppy. Anyways she eats it and I start second breakfast, eggs whites with peppers and onions for me...egg yolks with the same for her. I'm efficient that way. But do you think she wants them? No. Salt and vinegar chips? Of course. And not wanting to shame my mom of the year award she won this battle. Now she is sitting in front of the tv with her eggs...I still feel like throwing up. And now I'm being mounted by a 2 year old. I couldn't decide if I should blog from my iPad or wait till I got my laptop but considering its dead if I waited to charge it I probably never would have blogged at all, so after all of the auto corrections and my terrible iPad typing I hope this still makes sense. I dream of strangling toopy. Now the good stuff. I went to visit my sister and as I had suspected, I was not only over in sodium but it was through.the.roof. Somedays as high as 4000mg. I even managed to eat a 520 calorie cookie. Can you believe that? So I got home caring fresh vegetables. We're having salads for lunch and dinner all week. I'm so bloated I'm drinking a shit ton of sassy water because it usually helps when I feel bloated. It's not all negative though, I weighed in today and didn't gain anything so I am not complaining. I still tracked everything I ate and even though I went over most days and I'm probably retaining water like crazy I am not seeing 162. Smells like its time to go.


  1. Sodium bloat is the worst :( I crave salty things like nothing else, have almost no sweet tooth at all. It always makes me feel like shit afterwards, but so hard to control myself.

    It's just one weekend though-- and it's always harder to keep your eating in line when you're away from home and familiar routines. I'm positive that I forgot to put a bunch of stuff from Saturday/Sunday into my MFP diary and I'm afraid to do it (plus I can't remember)... but I was sluggish and slow on Saturday so it had to have been something brutal.

    It's a new week! You have more commitment to your goals than anyone I know, I know you can do this.

    /ramble ramble ramble

  2. WHOA, blogging from my ipad doesn't make paragraphs apparently lol