Friday, May 4, 2012

Grrrrr cat.

My 3 legged cat keeps whining to go outside and it is driving me up.the.wall. Other the that I'm feeling 100 times better. I've been getting out a lot lately, doing lots of fun activities! Been going to swimming a lot, I love me some aqua size and now I have a friend to go with so it's fun too. When I think about where I was at this time last year, I was miserable. I was 30 lbs heavier, I didn't care about how I looked, I didn't care about how I felt I thought it was all just normal. I may keep telling myself I've only lost 30 lbs in a year, I haven't been losing weight for how many months... But it doesn't even matter. The stress, feeling upset, or defeated... It's not worth it. So much has changed in the last year and it's so much better then losing weight. Losing weight is nice, I hope I lose the rest but I am done torturing myself and stressing. I'll figure it out eventually but I don't need to put added pressure on myself. I need to keep myself happy first, and the rest will come.


  1. Thats right! Give yourself a break! You did awesome, 30lbs in a year is awesome!! Being happy is a HUGE step, a huge step that you need to acheive before you can do the rest :)

  2. Thats an awesome mindset Sabrina!! 30 lbs is awesome!