Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rainy days are here again.

     I'm not using that as an excuse though! Last night I put off my run for most of the day but I eventually did it. I started doing the C25K again, and I can feel such a difference from last time. Day 1 Week 1 was EASY. I even ran some of the walking. I thought about skipping the rest of Week 1 but I think I'd rather do it, and not get ahead of myself. Calories are good, working out is good and I'm staying motivated. It's a lot easier now and I'm glad that I didnt give up after being at a plateau of 162 for SO long. I can see such a difference in my endurance and even motivation to get up and just do it. It's crazy how so much can change in a year. Weighed in this morning and I was 159. Can't even remember the last time I saw 162 and I don't even care because it is HISTORY!

     I feel bummed because I can't blog as much as I want to, I either have to hijack Adrians laptop or use mine in safe mode. D: I just have to take it to the mall and get it fixed cause I didn't realize how much I needed it! I do wonder if any one out there even cares. I need to figure out how to stay interesting I suppose!

     I'm going to go add a ticker to my race day! I am SO.STOKED. nervous too, mostly stoked.


  1. Great loss:-) And you're right to go slow with the c25k. I promise, it gets harder!

  2. Trust in the C25K program and stick with each weeks work, is my advice, you need the easy weeks to build confidence to get you through the harder ones :)
    Congrats on the loss, thats awesome!

  3. Thanks guys. I've actually done it before so I'm not completely starting from scratch lol.