Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Nina!

     Today is Ninas 2nd birthday. We're not really celebrating today though, we're going out for dinner and having cake on Monday. Her favorite restaurant, Red Robins. She loves when they sing. I'm so blessed! She really couldn't be more perfect. Okay, she could but I love her. She's so smart and learning so much, every day is something new. She's so active and energetic, I wish I had her stamina. Happy Birthday Nina!

     I have so much ranting I want to do, but it's her birthday and I won't. (About my parents, not her! She's an angel, obviously.)

     Enough about that, I posted my blog link in a forum that I post on a lot, and I think I've had more hits in the last 12 hours then I have in the last month which is just craziness. Thanks for the interest and an O HAI to my new followers.



    She is the cutest. And so smart and sweet.

  2. How adorable is she? Happy birthday Nina! Love her name too:)

  3. Thanks guys! It means a lot! I love her name but I think every one in my family hates it haha,