Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patience is key.

     If there is anything I have learned over the last year, it's patience. 365 days ago I started tracking my calories, and being more active. I don't know how serious I was about it, I didn't think I would make any progress.  Then when I started losing weight and I knew it wasn't as hard as I thought I got cocky. I thought man how easy is this? Why doesn't every body do it? Why wouldn't they?  I certainly didn't think I would hit a plateau and I really didn't think I would hit a plateau that lasted SIX.MONTHS. I did though, and I survived barely. I'm not where I thought I was going to be, but I'm okay with that now.

     There's been a lot of major changes in the last year and a lot of even bigger ones coming over the summer. I was going to write a post about all the things that I've accomplished over the last year or all the changes I've made, but I don't think I will. Instead I'll tell you all about where I am now, and what I am looking forward to.

     As of today I have lost 24 pounds, and 11.5 inches over all.  I'm in control of my eating habits ( for the most part, c'mon we all need cake sometimes.) I'm registering tomorrow for my first 5K run. I'm currently training for said run which is something I never though I would do a year ago. I didn't think I could. Generally I am so much happier. Unbelievably happy. Happy with myself and with the direction my life is taking. I feel like it's worth it now. I have a sense of accomplishment and it's not because I've lost a ton of weight or did great things this year but it's because I know that even when I feel like I'm failing I can stay committed and make real changes, and no matter how long it takes eventually I'll see the results I want. I am about 1/3rd of the way to where I want to be weight wise but mentally I feel like I'm 100% there already. I just hope my body doesn't take another 2 years to catch up.

     Well I hope this post didn't come off sounding cheesy and lame. I'm just so stoked and proud of myself. A year ago I wouldn't have said that but I feel like I deserve it now.

     Tomorrows a big day for our family, so wish us luck! :D


  1. Im so happy for you! You look amazing, and you DO deserve it!

    You already got your good news!! Yay for you and Adrian <3

  2. You rock! Congrats on your weight-loss and your upcoming 5k! Great stuff:)