Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Refreshed, and motivated.

     I've done the impossible and I deleted the past. Well, in theory anyways. How can I go forward when I always felt like the past was holding me back. I couldn't log on, post, or even read my blog without feeling the weight of 100 failures on my back. It's gone and now I am starting over.

     So then I ask... how do I start? It seems so simple eat right, watch calories, work out but when  you look at the big picture it's just overwhelming isn't it? I read once that the key to losing weight is to start now, not tomorrow. Not Monday, not when the gym opens or when the cake is gone. Of course I can say that now, I just had cake. I think for me my starting point right now is to pin point my problems and focus on them rather then making mistakes and beating myself up about it later. Self Control, which is my case is grossly over eating. Laziness, I don't even have energy to do the things I want let alone things I don't... like go to the gym. I think the two go hand in hand, eating right leads to being more energetic so that's where I'm going to start. With the food, counting my calories and making smarter choices. Of course I can say that now, at 1:30AM when I won't be making any choices until tomorrow. Breakfast, they say it's the most important meal of the day and I never eat it. Who are THEY anyways, know-it-alls.

     So this week I am focusing on eating breakfast, and counting calories, drinking water and incorperating one vegetarian meal into our week. I've been using off and on for a while now and I find when I plan out my meals ahead of time that I am more likely to stick to what I had planned.

So welcome me back onto the weight loss bandwagon. :)

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  1. Welcome back :)

    I actually lol'd about the cake.

    You're totally right though, don't focus on the past.
    All we have is now, and we should make our future "past" one we are proud of.