Monday, June 27, 2011

Did you miss me?

     I did not realize it has been 5 days since my last update. I skipped 4 days of the shred, I binged almost all weekend and drank too. I weighed myself this morning and while I haven't gained anything I am disappointed with myself. I was back on track with my food today, and will be going back to my shred tomorrow. No pictures today of dinner but it was GOOD! I probably could have taken it easy on the sides but I am sosososos stuffed and didn't go over my calories for the day. I'm actually under by 124Cal and thought about some dessert (om nom nom) but I will stick with my tea instead.

     Besides all that nonsense, I'm totally STOKED on Big Brother 13 starting in just 10 days. House pictures come out tonight at midnight. I'm going to try and stay awake but I have a weird sharp pain in the back of my  head. I'm pretty sure it's cancer, or AIDS. I'll google all my symptoms later and let you all know what the diagnoses is.

     Since it is so beautiful out I am thinking of maybe going for a walk tonight, I live in the ghetto so I don't want to go too late at night. I've also been thinking about buying a heart rate monitor, so I can really track how many calories a day I am burning and making the most of my work outs and calorie counting by being as accurate as I can be. They're so expensive though, and I'm worried that the inexpensive ones won't be as good, or accurate though as the more expensive ones. I found one that I like the look of, and it's decently priced so I guess it can't hurt to ask the sales person but usually they don't know much about anything. It's the New Balance N4 Heart Rate Monitor. It's got all the features I'm looking for and I think it's pretty, and it fits in the budget.

     I looked up some reviews online and they all seem okay. If anybody has any personal experience, opinions, advice I'm open to it! Well, I guess that's about it for today. Back to work tomorrow. ( work in the sense of working out lol) Maybe as a "punishment" to myself I'll do the shred AND Aylas 100 work out every day for the first 10 days. That will teach me a lesson!!


  1. I found this blog very inspiring..

    A new way to look at this whole diet thing-I've been doing it for 18 years, the only thing I've lost is self worth,lol and of course the only thing I've gained? MORE freaking weight,ugh.
    ANYway, you might enjoy her take on life. I sure did, she turned me into a warrior for myself:)

  2. I totally didnt see this in my dashboard.
    Don;t feel bad about the missed shred days or the eating, every day is a new day and you are back on track now :)
    I so want that HRM!