Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 Days In

     So far, so good. Not great, but an improvement. I way overate last night but I can't beat myself up over one bad day. Been drinking a lot of water, at least 8 cups a day. Also been eating breakfast every day except today cause I didn't feel good. Overall, a good few days. I'm feeling good about this week. My goals for next week are to go to the gym at least twice, Monday and Wednesday, and obviously keep up with the breakfast and water.

     Overall I've been feeling really good, happier then ever. I wish this weather would clear up so I could go for walks, or go anywhere for that matter.

Rain, Rain Go Away.

     I'm trying to find ways to make healthier snacks my go-to for breakfast and lunch. I'm always grabbing whatever is quick and easy which usually means it's not the greatest option. Tonight, I'm going to clean out my closet, and then the fridge. A little organization might make things easier. What are your favorite easy yet healthy meals?!

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  1. that pictures cute lol

    So glad you are into this, and feeling good. I need the support system of friends, so hopefully we can help each other :)

    I don't have a whole lot of healthy recipes on hand, but I have just printed out a bunch and will let you know if they are any good lol
    I normally stick to lots of veggies and chicken of some kind lol but Im trying to get out of that :S its borrrrring