Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back, hopefully for good.

     Life.Is.Crazzzzy. That's all I have to say.  Now that things are settling down, I'm moved into my new apartment, lifes finally getting back to normal.  I've been back and forth the last few weeks going to visit my boyfriend 8 hours away. There 3 days, here for 4. Such a mission. Luckily it's over and he will be home in two weeks.  My weight hasn't changed much, and I've been semi-tracking and eating out a ton. That's all going to change now.

     I am starting to look for a new job, and hopefully get life back new normal. I have a hard time with Nina being gone three days a week, and Ben being gone I start to get really lonely. She's with me for all of December though because of Adrians work schedule but January is going to be really hard after having her all month.

     With all my free time from being unemployed you would think I'd take the opportunity to go to the gym, or use my spare time to do my meal planning... but that hasn't been happening. I'm going to start logging in every morning again like I used to. It definitely helped keep me on track. Now that I have a computer again it should be  a lot easier to stick to. I say that as I'm eating a chicken donair.

     Ah life is so good. It's unbelievable, I didnt know I could feel this happy... and free.

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