Monday, December 3, 2012

This is harder then I thought.

     Not just getting back into the grove of things, but just life in general lately. Adrian's hours at work changed again so he's only seeing Nina one day a week. Life is just crazy, I really don't know how to get it under control. I'm feeling super overwhelmed but I just need to get through these weeks, find a job, hope everything works out for the best. I really just dont know where to begin.

    I'm tracking my food again, so hopefully that gives me a little more structure and I can control my eating habits because I have just been eating out far too much, too much junk. Bens coming home soon so I don't think that will help matters but at least then cooking at home won't be as depressing as when I'm cooking meals for one. I'm unsure if I'll ever have time to start working out again... I'm sure I will one day haha but not in the foreseeable future that is for sure. Specially since I had to get rid of my treadmill which is really too bad, I loved running. I do still have my gym pass I just haven't had any spare time. Maybe I need to make time, force myself to go and it would probably help with the stress.

     I have an ortho appointment tomorrow ( yay! Love ortho day!) and I have a job interview as a dental receptionist on Wednesday so wish me luck, I need it! Interviews always make me so nervous.

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